Looking for great ways to connect with your teen?  Click HERE for English and HERE for Spanish for a list of resources and ideas ranging from adventures at home to outdoor activities to volunteer options to table topics to holiday suggestions compiled by the Wellness Committee!

Do you or your child have concerns dealing with the stress caused by their academic workload, such multiple exams on one day or on days with big deadlines such as college deadlines?  The LASA website’s Wellness page is a great resource.

While students will be able to resolve most of the difficulties they experience with the assistance of parents, friends, or staff members, there may be times when social/emotional issues interfere with the adjustment to LASA’s academic program.

Although Wellness Counselors are equipped to provide continued support at school, they can also help provide referrals to outside resources, therapists and clinicians.

If a student’s concern is mostly academic in nature, they should visit with their School Counselor first. Our School Counselors are all experts in personal counseling, study skills, and stress reduction!

The PFLASA Wellness Committee organizes presentations, panels, and more throughout the school year, primarily for parents, but also for students and faculty/staff. The purpose is to provide information relevant to healthy adolescent development. Some events are in conjunction with programs organized by the LASA Wellness Counseling Department, and this year the committee will collaborate with the LASA Wellness Club as well as post weekly tips on LOL.

Have feedback on past events or ideas for future PFLASA Wellness events? Interested in joining our planning committee? Contact the PFLASA Wellness Committee at wellness at pflasa dot org.

Click here for wellness content from previous school years.