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  • www.pflasa.org/give Advanced students require advanced teachers.   LASA sends teachers and/or staff to this conference every year to help keep our whole school learning and up-to-date on new and exciting things for advanced academics and gifted/talented kids. This is the national conference that many magnet schools in the country attend. This year, LASA wants to […]Read More »
  • Mr. Seagren’s Advanced Woodworking Class

    Mr. Seagren’s Advanced Woodworking Class

    www.pflasa.org/give You guys stepped up to the challenge and made the match happen! Thank you ever so much! We are now at $41,135 of our $70,000 goal with 252 of our 800 families participating!!! Our very own Facebook group member and LASA teacher, Mr. Carl Seagren, has a little something to say…https://vimeo.com/361295958Read More »
  • $3500 Matching TODAY: $1 for $1! Can you help out?

    $3500 Matching TODAY: $1 for $1! Can you help out?

    www.pflasa.org/give HOLY CARP (sorry if this offends anyone!)!!! For every DOLLAR DONATED today, anonymous donors will match $1-to-$1 up to $3500. Three thousand five-hundred DOLLARS, people!!!!   Do you love LASA? More importantly does your kid? Do any of the stories I’m telling you inspire you? Make you smile? Are you thankful for a place […]Read More »