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  • What is great about LASA!

    What is great about LASA!

    www.pflasa.org/giveThis is it. The time is now to invest in your student’s high school experience. Our fundraising campaign will hopefully end on Friday, October 11th but we need your help to get there.If you haven’t donated yet, please watch this quick video from our Principal on What is great about LASA. I urge you to […]Read More »
  • Mr. Risinger – what would you do with $1000 from PFLASA?

    Mr. Risinger – what would you do with $1000 from PFLASA?

    www.pflasa.org/give Mr. Risinger, LASA teacher, what would you do with $1000 from PFLASA?  “Your money has had a direct impact on student success and marketing of LASA high school.” -Mr. Risinger, LASA Social Studies Teacher  Donate today so we can help teachers like Mr. Risinger do great things with our kids. Thank you!https://vimeo.com/365039815Read More »
  • LASA’s own mini-ACL

    LASA’s own mini-ACL

    www.pflasa.org/give In honor of ACL, let’s talk about LASA’s own version of ACL, called Coffeehouse! SAVE THE DATE: May 15th, 2020, 7pm Coffeehouse is LASA’s version of a mini-ACL. It is on the Friday night of the last day of AP Testing. Faculty, students and parents are invited to attend. The school (especially Mr. Snyder) […]Read More »