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  • 4 days left for this year’s fundraising drive!

    4 days left for this year’s fundraising drive!

    4 Days left of this year’s fundraiser! NO ONE will be happier than Geeta. 😁 Please put her out of my misery and donate today. She’s still asking for about 300 families to participate, if possible. If you remember back to your New Parent Orientation, someone got up in front of you and told you […]Read More »


    *Not Carrying a Heavy Backpack $25 *Not Packing Lunches $50 *Sleeping an Extra Hour $100 *NOT driving across town to LASA! GAS MONEY! $150 A School (LASA) that understands what your student needs: PRICELESS If you can donate, please do! Every dollar counts.Read More »
  • Taco Tuesday!

    Taco Tuesday!

    Someone told me it’s TUESDAY. 😉 You know what that means? It’ TACO TUESDAY! Today is all about reaching those of you that haven’t participated in our annual fundraiser. If my math is correct, there are about 380 families that haven’t participated yet. If you haven’t, please consider giving $10 today. Every dollar counts! Instead […]Read More »