What is Coffeehouse?

Coffeehouse is a unique LASA community event. Think of a mini Austin City Limits under the stars! It’s our very own student talent show / evening of entertainment held at a private outdoor location away from school. LASA students, alumni, and families all attend for an evening of entertainment and socializing. It’s a very enjoyable evening for all.

Mr. Snyder, who teaches the song writing class at LASA, holds tryouts for the show during the spring semester and plans the program. PFLASA organizes everything else!

Coffeehouse is a PFLASA community event organized by parent volunteers. It is not a fundraiser for PFLASA. Coffeehouse is intended to be a self-sufficient event. The event costs are covered by entry donations and sponsorships.

Most food (chips, veggies, fruit and desserts) and drinks are donated by LASA families and students and are complimentary that night (old school potluck).