Welcome LASA Faculty and Staff!

PFLASA provides grants to our faculty and staff in various areas to help support our LASA students and school community. Faculty, staff, and others may submit grant requests via our online form.

PFLASA Grant Request Categories

  • LASA instructional materials and equipment (i.e. books, DVDs, microscopes, labs, etc.) Please use the PFLASA Sales and Tax Exemption certificate when making purchases. 
  • Professional Development ($300 limit) or National Board Certification funding ($1,000 limit) 
  • Student Scholarship (for class-related field trip, etc.)

Use the PFLASA sales and use tax exemption certificate when making purchases as tax is not reimbursed.

LASA faculty & staff have a $100 discretionary allotment to spend on anything for their classroom. Please use the PFLASA Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate as tax is not reimbursed. Faculty/staff member will submit receipts to be reimbursed for those purchases, up to $100 per school year.

To receive your reimbursement, you must e­mail the completed PFLASA Request for Payment form and all receipts totaling up to $100 to PFLASA treasurer at pflasa dot org

LASA faculty, staff and others may request an item to be donated (as-is). These requests may be made directly by the submitter on the LASA Facebook Give/Trade Group or by a member of the Grants committee.