Your donation counts DOUBLE today & tomorrow!!!!

Wowza… we are extremely fortunate to have a few donors who reached out to do another round of matching – every dollar donated now until tomorrow at midnight (9/21) will be matched $ for $ up to $3000! If you’ve been waiting to donate, now’s a great opportunity to double your donation!

Remember we are all in this together – students, staff, admin, teachers, and yes, us parents.

Thank you so much for your generosity! LASA needs all of our support during this unusual time!

10 days left in this years Fundraising drive!

We still have 10 days left of our fundraising drive and we would love for EVERY family to participate, if possible. We believe 337 families have participated of our estimated 700-800 families. We have had about 16 people donate to sponsor about 23 of of the estimated 100-175 students that can’t afford to. I know many of you have donated more than once! You are amazing. Thank you so much!
A couple of weeks ago, I posted a video from Ms. Kocian, one of LASA’s college counselors. She and Mr. Ganesan WILL be “attending” the NACAC professional development this week thanks to donors like you.
Mr. Ganesan said “This is the first year that I’ll be able to attend NACAC, the national organization of college admissions professionals. It’s online, because of the pandemic, and I’ll be attending, because of the pandemic. The college landscape has changed, and we all need to be better prepared for those changes.”
If you didn’t know, Mr. Ganesan is also teaching a Master Class for us on October 2nd. Helping in every way he can. How cool is that?
Of course, I also asked him why he loves LASA and here is his response:

“Why do you love LASA?”

Doesn’t this quote from Ms. Pettigrew say it all?
Remember back to when your child got that infamous purple & white acceptance to LASA card with confetti in it? How many people did you rush out and tell that your kid got into LASA? Think about supporting that school that you were so PASSIONATE about that day. We need *your support* to keep that passion alive at LASA. Give today, if you can. Thank you.

Sponsor a student!

This year, we are trying something new. This is about helping other students, if you can. Not every student/family can afford to donate to PFLASA. We all know that. So today, I’m asking you to sponsor a student. Basically, we are breaking this down… we have around 175 students that need our help. I’m asking for 100 to be sponsored. At $75 a student. Can you spare an extra $75? I know it’s a lot, especially during this time.

Here’s some more info on the math: Maybe you are new to LASA and didn’t know this or maybe you need a refresher but below is the email that Ms. Crescenzi sent LAST YEAR on October 10, 2019. The numbers are similar to this year. Read it to the end. And then see if you can give an extra $75 per student.

We have a special page on our website to show how we are doing on this goal of sponsoring just 100 students. Can you help us? As always, please and thank you.

Most of the things that PFLASA financially supports would not happen without this money. From helping pay for staff to go to conferences that focus on students at specialized secondary schools, to paying for textbooks, assisting with AP costs and purchasing specific equipment for classes, all of that is only possible because of PFLASA’s support. As a district we sent back to the state around 670 million dollars in the 2018-2019 school year. In a district with approximately 80,000 students that means that we sent back about $8,375 per student. Now, I’ll be honest, if the district had all of that money back it wouldn’t all come to us at the campus level, but I guarantee some of it would. Can you imagine what more we could do if we had even 50% of that? Another $4000 per student – that would be amazing!

I realize that there aren’t many of us that can just write a check for that much money (though if you want to, I certainly won’t stop you) so let me take a minute and walk you through the financial situation of the campus. If I take out the money spent on staffing (salaries, benefits, extra duty pay,etc.) LASA received $108,330 in our BTO (your tax dollars) and $32,949 in what is called HS Allotment funds. Again, this is just the non-staffing money. We currently have 1285 students. This means that for the current school year I have $109.95 per student to run the school. Every basic supply, every professional development experience for staff, every everything that a campus needs to spend money on comes out of that amount. Think of it, $109.95 per student for the entire year. Mind boggling that we can run a school on that, but with the help of PFLASA we do it.

Therefore, any amount you can donate that allows PFLASA to assist us so that we can continue to give our students this rich academic experience is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Stacia Crescenzi

Why do you love LASA?

If you love LASA, would you consider giving $10, $50, $75, $150, or any amount? Every dollar matters.
We have made it easy for you to give: maybe a small monthly donation works better for you?
Remember every donation is tax-deductible and remember there are IRS incentives to donate more this year (Cares Act).
Look at why all these people support LASA:

PFLASA Fundraising Team

How much is it worth to you to NOT do something?

How much is it worth to you to NOT do something?

I remember when my eldest was in 1st grade… we had gift wrap to sell for the PTA, popcorn to sell for cub scouts and magazines (like real paper ones!) for the principal’s fundraiser… All.At.The.Same.Time. Can you guess who volunteered to chair the new “No Hassle Fundraiser” that next year? I was thinking I wanted to keep my dear family, friends, co-workers and neighbors from hating me!

We are 1/2 through our fundraising drive. Yay, only 2 more weeks of us “hassling” you for this “no hassle ” drive. We estimate about 700-800 families at LASA. Thank you to the 370 families that have donated thus far. Please consider giving anything you can to show your support for our school.

Thankful Thursday! Matching day!!!

We have an anonymous donor who will match every dollar donated today 1-to-1 up to $5000. Y’all that’s amazing! Remember how I said every.single.dollar counts? Well today it counts DOUBLE today!!!
Let’s do this! This is HUGE for our school and kids! Who’s in?

Is your student planning to go to college?

Is your student planning to go to college? If yes, please read on. I need your help today. I’m talking to you SENIOR and JUNIOR parents! Heck, even us underclassmen parents should listen.

Having just gone through senior year with my oldest child (my 2020 grad), I have to say it was something else. And I’m talking about pre-covid. The momentum and excitement and stress level about all things college started for us really junior year. Then it ramped up during the summer/early Fall to some crazy amount of to do lists and forms to fill out and this and that. I *honestly* thought it would never, ever end. The *one* thing that kept me sane was the support of our LASA college counselors. They knew the answer to everything. EVERYTHING. And were ready to answer at anytime.

Now, we’re in this weird Covid time and my heart goes out to you seniors and juniors as you navigate this “new normal”. There are new rules and guidelines and what ifs and how to and things people haven’t even figured out yet. But guess what? You have Ms. Kocian and Mr. Ganesan in your corner.

Our fabulous college counselors NEED your donation TODAY to go to (virtually) the NACAC conference in a couple of weeks. What is that you ask? NACAC is the National Association for College Admissions Counseling. From their website, this conference will feature college presidents discussing how campuses are grappling with the coronavirus pandemic; and authors, journalists, and experts will explore the national conversation about race and equity and how the current climate is impacting college admission.
Mr. Ganesan said “This is the first year that I’ll be able to attend NACAC, the national organization of college admissions professionals. It’s online, because of the pandemic, and I’ll be attending, because of the pandemic. The college landscape has changed, and we all need to be better prepared for those changes.”

Check out Ms. Kocian’s video here:

Please we need your support today to get our College Counselors trained on all of these new rules and guidelines so they can help ALL OF OUR KIDS. Remember every dollar counts.

Thank you!

Sci Tech, virtually: LASA has this.

If you’re a new 9th grade family, welcome and don’t worry. LASA has this. (can’t bring myself to say LASA’s got this no matter how hard I try. LOL) I, too, wondered how LASA was going to do Sci Tech virtually. But what I know is “LASA has this”.

Did you know that PFLASA funded the sci tech kits that half of 9th grade will use this semester for virtual learning? HOW COOL IS THAT?

For those of you that are seasoned LASA families, you remember sci tech, right? $5 supply limit and have to do some engineering feat with just those supplies. I always thought it was super cool.

Here are some photos from when our Sci Tech teachers put together these kids (DURING THEIR UNPAID SUMMER, I might add) for our kids. I know “LASA has this” just based on these photos. And as Mr. Seagren said “Will be a great semester.”

Consider donating TODAY to help us fund things like this for our students. We help all students.

pics: Sci Tech bags for virtual teaching