Advanced students require advanced teachers.
LASA sends teachers and/or staff to this conference every year to help keep our whole school learning and up-to-date on new and exciting things for advanced academics and gifted/talented kids. This is the national conference that many magnet schools in the country attend.
This year, LASA wants to send 10-15 teachers to Seattle for this conference. The cost is over $1000 per teacher for travel and conference registration.
Would you be able to help send our teachers to this conference? Every dollar counts and adds up so we can do great things.
If you haven’t heard about NCSSS, it’s the National Consortium of Secondary STEM schools and you can read up about it here:
Mrs. Woodrow (LASA Academic Counselor Ro-Z) attended in the past and she wanted to share this with you:

$3500 Matching TODAY: $1 for $1! Can you help out?

HOLY CARP (sorry if this offends anyone!)!!!

For every DOLLAR DONATED today, anonymous donors will match $1-to-$1 up to $3500. Three thousand five-hundred DOLLARS, people!!!!

Do you love LASA? More importantly does your kid? Do any of the stories I’m telling you inspire you? Make you smile? Are you thankful for a place that “gets” your child? Or maybe you are just glad that they are finally challenged?
Today is the day people! Please donate.
Lots of ways to contribute: Cash, Check, Online – one time donation; Online – recurring donation!!! Recurring is a great way to contribute if you are on a budget (aren’t we all??) and want to give a little each month!
p.s. SENIOR FAMILIES – my personal challenge to you… GO CLASS OF 2020! We have a lot going on this year, I totally get it. But don’t forget that PFLASA subsidizes AP tests, provides AP breakfasts and specifically for Seniors – funds Senior Salute. Donate today to help our seniors. We aren’t out the door just yet.
PLEASE and thank you ever so much!

Popcorn, Anyone?

Y’all we are so lucky. We have kind-hearted people that work with our kids everyday. Mr. Ephriam, LASA security monitor, makes popcorn for the staff and students pretty frequently, especially if the students are wearing their ids 😉 But seriously, a few years ago, PFLASA realized that Mr. Ephriam was spending his own money to do this. For. Our. Kids. Yeah, now, PFLASA has a popcorn fund line item on the budget.

If you are so inclined to give a little (even a monthly donation with our recurring donation link!) to help with the popcorn fund, we’d so appreciate it.

In case you were wondering WHY he does this…

LASA Clubs
When I describe LASA’s culture to non-LASA people, I almost always use the word “quirky”. I almost never say “smart”, “intelligent” or “gifted”. As we all know, LASA is a unique place and our children hopefully are finding their way. I, personally, like that quirky is the “norm”.Recently I sat with Ms. Crescenzi and we chatted. Well, she chatted and I listened. With a Video Camera. To share with you all. 😇

Try to remember WHY your students wanted to go to LASA. Remember that feeling of “getting in?

If you think LASA is worth it, please donate what you can today and help us meet our goal.

AAVP Meets the New Camera

Have you seen LASA’s most recent Lip Dub (April 2019)?

That’s one of my favorite traditions at LASA – from the moment it is shown at a Roadshow during recruiting season to the moment a new one comes out, it speaks to me of who these kids are. As you may know Ms. Mokry and the AVP classes put that together. BUT what you probably don’t know and why I’m here talking about this, is that PFLASA purchased a new camera for AVP last year.Ms. Mokry filmed the Advanced AVP kids (explicit language warning):

If you are so inclined, please consider giving whatever you can to help support our LASA students. We do really put the money to good use! Please and thank you!


PSAT Day! Wishing the best of luck to everyone taking it today.

Some of you may have heard me tell this story at one of the welcome coffees or such. I always get asked “What is my favorite thing about LASA?” at those type of events. My answer is that I truly believe that the administration “gets my son and kids like him and I think he and they deserve it”.

My son’s freshman year (2 years ago), I heard Stacia talk about the upcoming PSAT. She talked about how at LASA all 9th, 10th and 11th graders take the 11th grade PSAT every year. Did you know there is a 9th grade PSAT and a 10th grade PSAT? I didn’t until that year. I asked why would the 9th and 10th graders take the 11th grade one? She said “Why not?” The 11th grade one is the only one that matters so the more the practice the better. I’m not big on standardized tests at all but when she explained it to me, she said there is big money associated with this test. This could be the difference in where kids go to college and how much their families have to pay. She said, of course she would do anything to with help. She even offers tutoring for those that are borderline after their 10th grade year. WHO DOES THAT FOR THEIR STUDENTS? LASA does.

Now, who do you think PAYS for these tests? Tests for all juniors, I *believe*, are paid for by the district. But 9th and 10th are optional so who pays for them? LASA does.

And now to the math…
# Current 11th graders: 343
# Current 10th graders: 340
# Current 9th graders: 353

PSAT cost is $16 (I think!) per student
(So, if my math is right $11,088 for 9/10th graders) $11K!!!!!

LASA Class of 2019 Numbers:
54 National Merit Commended Award
26 National Hispanic Recognition Program
32 National Merit Semi Finalist Award

LASA Class of 2018 Numbers:
89 National Merit Commended Award
21 National Hispanic Recognition Program
1 National Merit Semi Finalist Award
38 National Merit Finalists

The point being here… LASA cares and does things for all of us. They get our kids. They challenge them and they help them. With very little financial support. Please give whatever you can to help.

P.S. If you don’t know anything about National Merit, check it out. SOME colleges offer FREE RIDES for all 4 years to national merit finalists.

P.P.S. sorry for the long post…. I’m a little passionate about the fact that someone cares enough to do this for my kid and yours. I think that’s unusual.