What is the history of PFLASA?

Although there is a long history of parent involvement with and support of LASA since its early days, PFLASA as a distinct non-profit organization was formed in 2014. Since that time, the activities and responsibilities of the organization have fluctuated and grown with changing circumstances. In the summer of 2021, LASA moved to its own campus, and now occupies a set of buildings that previously housed several schools, including Johnston High School.

What kinds of things does PFLASA do?

PFLASA relies the talents and energy of many parent volunteers to support events like teacher and staff appreciation meals and gift-giving, recruitment activities to assist potential new students and parents in learning about the school and its programs and to help them with the application process, activities that welcome and orient new parents, and celebratory events like Coffeehouse (our annual showcase of student talent) and Project Graduation (our safe alternative to traditional graduation night parties). PFLASA also pays each year for materials and resources that support instruction and school activities as well as professional development for teachers and staff. We also support students who are taking AP tests in several ways, including financially, and we pay for study resources throughout the year.

How does PFLASA operate?

We are a strictly volunteer organization. We have a small board of directors that handles planning for the organization, budgeting, approving expenditures, and recruiting volunteers for various needs. We form committees led by and comprised of parent volunteers to run specific events and manage on-going duties. PFLASA raises funds every Fall, asking parents to donate. This fundraising allows us to replenish our budget so that we can support the teacher and staff requests, pay for the food and other costs associated with events, pay for direct services like tutoring and much more. PFLASA also provides communication services to the LASA community, such as providing a weekly newsletter in English and Spanish and administering a Facebook group where information about many topics is shared. We also have regular meetings which include updates on PFLASA activities, announcements, and a report provided by our principal.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to connect with PFLASA. Attend our bi-weekly meetings (find scheduled meetings here) and read posts on the PFLASA Facebook page and in our weekly Lots of LASA Newsletter to learn about what’s going on and where volunteers are needed. You can also check out upcoming events and opportunities to sign up to help here. This page is constantly updated, so check in frequently. You can fill out a volunteer interest form here.  A listing of committees is available here.

2023-2024 PFLASA Board

Nicole Truelock, President
Ellen Stewart-Klein, Vice President
Randi Bell, Treasurer
Diana Hubbard, Assistant Treasurer
Tammi Schroeder, Secretary
Vijay V. Veeraraghavan, Assistant Secretary 
Lori Wallace, Grants Committee Chair
Lisa Lyons, Grants Committee Vice Chair