PFLASA Sponsored Study Groups

The Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA) provides subject-specific tutoring free of charge to any LASA student in need of support. Although LASA students are talented, intelligent and motivated students, not every student is uniformly prepared to succeed in every subject. Funded by PFLASA, the Study Groups provide an additional source of support tuned specifically to the needs of LASA students.

Launched in fall 2018, the Study Groups provide assistance with a variety of subjects three afternoons a week in the school library. 

Our Tutors

PFLASA employs experienced tutors who demonstrate both subject matter mastery and a desire to help students improve their understanding of both the course materials and how to manage the work. Tutors are paid at competitive rates. For more information, please email studygroups at pflasa dot org.

Current Study Groups

For more information, see the school website.