The LASA School Directory uses DirectorySpot, a private, secure, password-protected online directory available on the web and Android or iOS apps.

When Is the Directory Available?

The directory is currently available to students who are enrolled. The data is reflective of your student’s grade last year until the new data is released from AISD and uploaded, hopefully before early October.

Is My Family’s Information Included?

During your AISD registration process, each family had the opportunity to Opt In or Opt Out of sharing your contact information in a school directory. If you selected to Opt In, yes it’s included. If not, you can still be included (see below).

How Do I Login?

If you Opted In, a username has been set up using the email address you submitted to AISD. Look for an email with instructions from DirectorySpot sent to that email address.

I Didn’t See an Email from DirectorySpot

If you Opted Out, you will not receive an email. However if you Opted In and you still did not receive the email from DirectorySpot, first check your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, you can re-request it by resetting your password.

Can I Make Corrections to my personal information?

Yes!  Please log in to the DirectorySpot website, and make corrections as needed. The App is view only, so all edits must be made on the website.

I Opted Out; Can I Still Be Included?

If you would like to participate and add your own contact information and receive access to the directory, fill out the LASA Directory Addition  form to request a userid to be added to the Directory.