Welcome Teachers!

The Wishlist committee will review your request, upon submission of the forms and contact you no later than 2 weeks from the date of submission. You may be required to submit supporting documents, such as quotes from various vendors. You will be contacted with instructions on how to submit the documents, after you submit your request. If approved, you will be asked to complete the PFLASA Request for Reimbursement Google Form and email relevant receipts or invoices to treasurer@pflasa.org. PFLASA does not reimburse for any taxes paid. When making purchases, please use the PFLASA Sales Tax Exemption certificate, which is available in the PFLASA box in the office and is on the S: Drive, or click here.  If approved, you will be asked to email invoices or receipts with a PFLASA Request for Payment Form to treasurer@pflasa.org.

Deadline for Wishlist Requests ­is May.

Professional Development

Every faculty and staff member may request up to $300, each school year towards professional development. Requests are filled on a first-­come, first-­served basis. All requests for Professional Development must first be approved by the principal. Summer programs are eligible and should be requested the spring before the conference. In addition to teachers and counselors, professional development funds are available to LASA senior administrators, principal, assistant principals, and principal’s secretary. National Board Certification funding is available for those not funded by AISD, up to $1000/person. Please check with the Principal to see if she approves your request, prior to submitting a Wishlist request.

Instructional Materials & Equipment

PFLASA's Wishlist funds items like classroom films/DVDs, books, lab equipment, digital cameras, voice recorders, calculators, lab kits, and much more. Items purchased with PFLASA funds through Wishlist remain the property of LASA even if the teacher who requested the items leaves the school. Please check with the Principal to see if she approves your request, prior to submitting a Wishlist request.

Wish of the Week

Teacher classroom needs can often be satisfied with in-­kind donations through our Wish of the Week (WOW). WOW requests will be posted in our weekly electronic newsletter “Lots of LASA” (LOL). Families often have items that are in great shape and are not being used. Examples of donations procured through WOW include a refrigerator, bookcases, file cabinets, web page hosting, art materials, theater costumes, graphic design services, and much more. Items from WOW remain the property of LASA.

Student Scholarship

PFLASA has a scholarship program for students who would otherwise be unable to attend a classroom field trip due to economic hardship. This is not for athletic or extracurricular events. If you are planning a field trip and have a student or students who would be unable to attend due to the cost, please consider this program.

To conserve student confidentiality, please make your request to the appropriate administrator. The administrator will review and approve the request and then a Wishlist form can be completed with the amount of money needed, the number of students who will be helped, and the purpose. The request should not contain individual student data. The maximum amount scholarship amount is $100, and the student has not received a prior scholarship from PFLASA, in this school year.

Faculty & Staff Discretionary Allotment -- $100

Every school year each faculty and staff member is eligible for up to $100 reimbursement on items he or she has personally spent for classroom use. This request is done directly through the treasurer and does not involve the  Wishlist Committee. To receive your reimbursement, you must e­mail the completed PFLASA Request for Payment form and all receipts totaling up to $100 to treasurer@pflasa.org. A request may only be made once per teacher per school year. Use the PFLASA sales and use tax exemption when you make your purchases as you will not be reimbursed for tax.