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The Perfect College Essay: It All Begins with a Great Idea: 4/27/2021, 7PM

More than a very specific LASA required elective, a GREAT IDEA can open university doors all over the world. But first, you have to have one.

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Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

7:00 PM CDT

Caitlin Palmer & Sarah Walker, Instructors

We are long-time English teachers who–really, actually, no, seriously–love coaching students through the college essay writing process. Our essay coaching service is called UnCommon Apps and we’ve guided hundreds of students through the college essay writing process, many of whom have been accepted to the country’s most selective universities. Caitlin Palmer is a former LASA teacher now at Ann Richards, and Sarah Walker has taught at Ann Richards since its opening in 2007.


Join us to learn how to generate several knock-out ideas for college essays and supplements. We’ll walk you through what makes a good idea good and a not-so-good idea not-so-good. You’ll leave with a list of possible essay ideas, or the ability to help the soon-to-be-college student in your life do the same!