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The Art of Creating a College List, 04/13/2021, 7:30p

Get practical tools for finding your college and career path!

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

7:30 PM CDT

Kelly Mendiola, Instructor

Kelly is the mother of a LASA alum and is an independent educational consultant. She loves helping students finding their path.


With over 3000 four year institutions of higher learning in the U. S. (not to mention over 200 universities in Canada and the U. K.), putting together a college list can be a daunting process. Nevertheless creating a carefully considered list can be a key to getting admitted to an affordable college where a student can thrive. This webinar presented by Kelly Mendiola, independent college admissions consultant, will give you some tools for calculating a college’s financial health, its affordability, your chances of admission, and academic, social, and cultural fit.