MC: Understanding How to Find College Fit 03.21.2024


Explore beyond rankings to find the perfect college for you!

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Thursday, March 21st, 2024


Yvonne Espinoza, CEP, and Shannon Bergeron, CEP

Yvonne Espinoza, CEP, is a nationally recognized College Counselor and CEO based in Austin, TX, who has successfully supported thousands of students to matriculate to college.

Yvonne worked for 19 years as a full-time college counselor in public Title I and Alternative high schools in Austin, worked as an Outside Admissions Reader for the University of San Francisco, and is the sole founder and owner of Yvonne Espinoza College Counseling Services, now in its 11th year of operation.

A fierce advocate of college access, Yvonne’s student-centered approach to college counseling has been recognized by the National Association for College Admission Counseling with the Inclusion, Access and Success Award, by the City of Austin, and by the Colleges That Change Lives organization with the Counselors That Change Lives Award. Yvonne cares deeply about providing college access for all, and about contributing to the professional development of the college access profession which has so enriched her life.

Shannon Bergeron is the Founder of Core College Consulting. Shannon is a highly experienced and compassionate counselor, skilled in helping students understand their own strengths and goals in order to develop a balanced and realistic college list. Her whole child college counseling™ approach focuses on synthesizing a holistic view of the self for the college application journey, helping students and families reduce stress throughout the process while also helping them come to terms with personal identity and various educational needs, making her highly in demand. She was the former Lead Counselor at LASA and has two LASA grads (class of ’16 and ’18).


College Fit” doesn’t have to be a mysterious concept. Come hear from 2 experts with almost 50 years of combined college counseling experience about steps that students in the 9th-11th grades can take to understand how to identify the best fit college for them.