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Illustrated Journaling, 04/17/2021, 4p

A new way to love daily journaling!. Beginners welcome!

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Saturday, April 4, 2021


Thais Perkins, Instructor

Thais is a local artist with an emphasis in acrylic and watercolor portraiture who loves, loves, loves to bring the joy of art to others.


I’ve always been an avid journal-er, but re-reading my old journals has never been the joyful experience I would have preferred. Illustrated journaling changed that completely! Now I love to flip back through my old journals and re-experience my memories. Yes, you can absolutely do this even if you don’t love your drawing ability. I’ll introduce my preferred list of travel journal supplies and some resources, and we will step through some basic exercises and prompts together.
Beginners Welcome!

In this 1-hour class we will discuss my recommended analog references and tools (we can talk about digital if you like, a little). We will also look at lots of examples for what can be accomplished with layout and lettering, and discuss technique. We will then do some basic sketching and watercolor washes. There is only so much that can be accomplished within an hour, so my goal is to provide an overview with a LOT of information of where to go to get more instruction and opportunity!

Supply List

I’m not saying we should give our lives to Amazon, but it was a convenient place to make a list of the items below. In the name of simplicity, you could just purchase the list right there. Otherwise, check out Jerry’s Artarama (or even Michaels, which has less of a robust array but you can still get most of this there). I’ve included a well-priced pencil roll which has too many pencils but all of your eraser/knife/etc needs and is perfectly sized to carry what you need.

Amazon link:

Textbook: Danny Gregory, the Creative License STRONGLY RECOMMEND

Supplies (Amazon links to my favorites, but you can use what you have):

  • Journal with Watercolor Paper in the size that pleases you
    • Strathmore Visual Journals are a great place to start. Good size, Spiral bound. 
    • If you prefer it not be spiral, for a little more cost you could consider Strathmore softcover, one of my favorites.
  • Watercolor travel kit, Winsor and Newton (12 half pans)
  • Travel paintbrushes (they collapse)
  • HB, 2B, and 6B pencils
  • white eraser
  • pencil sharpener
  • pencil roll
  • Black waterproof pens (I’ve included a set of Copic pens, which I think are delightful)
  • Xacto knife

From around your house you’ll need

  • a small container for water, preferably with a screw top lid for travel although if we’re just home, anything will do
  • part of a kitchen sponge
  • Glue stick
  • Tape

To Do before Class:

Please bring to class, if you can, what they call ‘ephemera’ from a recent excursion or experience you’d like to do a journal spread around. This could be receipts, pamphlets, stickers, napkins, coasters, photos, you get the idea. 

Also, please lay yourself out a snack and a drink and don’t eat them yet. We will be using them in an exercise.