How Smart People Get Along with Difficult People – Virtual Master Class, 2/15/2023, 6PM


Bridging the rifts that are stealing our joy and impacting our lives

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Wednesday, February 15, 2023  6:00 PM

Our instructor is LASA parent, DeDe Church, 30-year employment attorney and award-winning presenter. This master class is the culmination of years of research into the bitter divisiveness infecting our workplaces and personal lives. She has presented this class for UT, at multiple large conferences, and in a nationwide webcast.

Virtual Meeting Via Zoom – Link sent in receipt after purchase


Here we are, trying to be steady parents, friends, and professionals in the midst of a swirling culture of contempt. It’s become all too easy to see those who disagree with us not as merely incorrect, but as worthless and defective. We know that 9/10 of Americans disapprove of this culture, but what can we do when we find ourselves seething with dislike? Together we’ll look at cutting-edge behavioral research, ancient wisdom, current anecdotes, and common sense to illuminate a pathway beyond mere tolerance and co-existence, hopefully to a state of understanding.