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DIY Glitter Ornaments – Quick, Simple & Not Too Messy SESSION 2, 12/1/2020, 7pm


Glitter, glitter EVERYWHERE but it’s so pretty. Let’s put that glitter to good use and make some festive ornaments!

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Tuesday, Decemeber 1, 2020


Geeta Suggs, Instructor


Let’s do something crafty together. We will make at least a dozen beautiful glitter ornaments. I’ll show you how to do this easily and not make too much of a mess! Fun for everyone… call your friends and family and make it an event together (while apart)!

There are two sessions for this class (pick the one that works for you!):

  • Session 1 – During the Thanksgiving Break (a different item in the store)
  • Session 2 – Tuesday after Thanksgiving (this one)


12 Ornaments (minimum) –  Glass or Plastic. Disc or Round; At least 3″ or so (any size will work). Make sure the opening is not too small. Also, pay attention to the color of the hanger/lid of ornament (do you want silver or gold?). Michaels has these sets of them in round and disc (don’t forget to use a coupon!).

Minwax Polycrylic Water Based Protective Finish, 1/2 pint (can get whatever size, the 1/2 pint is around $10), clear gloss or semi gloss – I found it at Lowe’s for $10. Here it is on Amazon.

Glitter – I like fine or extra fine glitter. That seems to coat well. Whatever colors you like. I got extra fine glitter at Michaels (I even found a navy there – it’s dark!)

Syringe – plastic like you get with kid medicine; if you don’t have one, ask for one at the pharmacy. Makes this process SO MUCH easier. Something like this but you only need ONE.

Swiffer Cloth (like from a Swiffer broom) or something similar – really handy to pick up glitter

Paper Towels

3-6 disposable cups – any kind of paper/plastic cups

Washi tape/painter’s tape – only need a little

Tools: Flathead Screwdriver and Hammer to open/close polycrylic can

Pens for Personalizing (this is optional) – the pen color depends on what color glitter you are using

  • White Paint Pen- I like the Posca paint pens. Be sure to get the finer tip ones. If they are too thick, it will be hard to write on them. Just make sure the color is bright!
  • Gold Paint Pen – if your ornament hangers are gold, then you might want a gold pen
  • Silver Paint Pen – if your ornament hangers are silver, then you might want a silver pen
  • Chrome – I LOVE this pen. It looks like CHROME and not silver. It’s by Molotow. It’s pricey so only get it if you really want that chrome look.
  • Black Paint Pen – Maybe you’d like to write in black?

So far, I really like the white on these ornaments so maybe just start there?

If you don’t want to personalize these with paint pens, you can use stickers or vinyl later.