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College Matchmaking: The High-Tech College List, 05/12/2021, 7:00p


Having trouble narrowing down your college list? Attend the College Matchmaking master class to learn an advanced data driven approach.

As a thank you to the LASA community for supporting our Master Classes all year, we are offering this class for free. You must still sign up for it to receive the zoom link and help us plan accordingly.

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Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

7:00 PM CDT

Cy Strain-Seymour, Tyler Hill, and Sylvie Daines, Instructors

We’re a group of LASA juniors that have started our college search, got stuck on a problem, and wanted to use our data analytics, programming, and linguistics skills to solve it. We’ve spent a lot of time sifting through public data and researching what makes or breaks a college decision and then crafted a spreadsheet, and soon a website, around that knowledge.


Do you have a list of colleges that you need to narrow down, but you’re not quite sure about the best way to go about it? College Matchmaking is a spreadsheet-based tool (soon to be a website) that guides your research and calculates three separate match scores to help you decide which schools to apply to. The match scores are initially generated by drawing from 200 data points about 3000+ colleges, but as you make decisions about what’s important to you and conduct research using the College Matchmaking framework, the scores become increasingly personalized, reflecting your interests and pointing you towards your college love match. We’re interested in sharing the spreadsheet version of this tool and collecting some feedback as we convert it into a website.

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A computer with access to either Google Sheets or Excel.