Swim with friends.

Manis and Henna

$1000s of prizes

Wednesday June 1, 2022 10pm

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Party ends at 6am
the next morning!

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Complete the Contract and Dietary Preference Form as a parent-teen team. Please communicate with your teen about expectations.

$15 online. $20 at the door. There are no physical tickets; names will be checked at the entrance. No refunds, so be careful not to purchase duplicates. 


LASA class of 2022 only.
No guests from other grades or schools allowed.


Doors open at 10pm Wednesday, June 1. All seniors must be checked in by midnight and must remain on the premises until the event is over at 6:00am on Thursday, June 2, unless a parent comes to pick them up earlier.

One of our objectives is to keep the roads safe, specifically by preventing graduates from being behind the wheel on the night of graduation. Graduates are strongly discouraged from driving to the event. Parents, either carpooling or driving individually, may collect graduates between 6 and 6:20 in the morning.

To make the pick-up lines move more quickly:
* Last names A-L pick-up from 6-6:10am
* Last names M-Z pick-up from 6:10-6:20am
* Carpools welcome during the entire pick-up window

Participants may be both physically and emotionally exhausted by 6am and it may be dangerous for them to drive home.


Suggested: Wear comfortable clothes, and bring a backpack with a change of clothes as well as a swimsuit and towel. Swimsuits must be appropriate. Changing Rooms and Bag Check are available. Bags may be checked into and out of Bag Check throughout the night, so as to stow prize winnings, and so as to change clothes for various activities.

Many students bring yearbooks so as to get them signed by friends.

Bring a water bottle. This is an epic party; stay hydrated!

All bags must be checked upon entering the building, and will be subject to search. No outside food or drinks, weapons, alcohol, vaping materials, or illegal drugs are allowed to be brought into the Y.


All night seems long, Can they leave early? Sure. Teens are allowed to leave early, but will not be allowed to re-enter. Parents must enter the YMCA and sign out their teen, if they leave between midnight and 6am.
Note: Thousands of dollars worth of prizes will be distributed between 4 and 6am. Teens must be present to claim their prizes. 

What if my teen has a food allergy?
Make note of it on the Contract and Dietary Preference Form. If you wish to discuss issues further, please contact projectgraduation@pflasa.org.
What if my teen needs to keep life saving medicine on their person?
Please have them do so! The bag check is an amenity, not a requirement. Students may retrieve and relinquish their bag multiple times throughout the night so as to change clothes, get a towel, stow their craft projects and their cash winnings, etc. To be clear, bags will be inspected upon entry to prevent alcohol and/or illegal drugs from entering the premises,  but teens will continue to have full access to their bag throughout the night.  For those with medical needs, teens should carry whatever they need with them, and consider a second bag that can be checked, so as to lighten their load. Unlike the airlines, we don’t charge for extra bags. 

This is a drug-free and alcohol-free event. No one is permitted to enter under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or be in the possession of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products during the event. If a senior arrives under the influence, the parents/guardians will be called to pick up the senior immediately. If parent/guardian is not available, the Austin Police Department will be called. Security personnel monitor the building and parking lot all night. LASA parents and YMCA staff chaperone and host the event.