PSAT Day! Wishing the best of luck to everyone taking it today.

Some of you may have heard me tell this story at one of the welcome coffees or such. I always get asked “What is my favorite thing about LASA?” at those type of events. My answer is that I truly believe that the administration “gets my son and kids like him and I think he and they deserve it”.

My son’s freshman year (2 years ago), I heard Stacia talk about the upcoming PSAT. She talked about how at LASA all 9th, 10th and 11th graders take the 11th grade PSAT every year. Did you know there is a 9th grade PSAT and a 10th grade PSAT? I didn’t until that year. I asked why would the 9th and 10th graders take the 11th grade one? She said “Why not?” The 11th grade one is the only one that matters so the more the practice the better. I’m not big on standardized tests at all but when she explained it to me, she said there is big money associated with this test. This could be the difference in where kids go to college and how much their families have to pay. She said, of course she would do anything to with help. She even offers tutoring for those that are borderline after their 10th grade year. WHO DOES THAT FOR THEIR STUDENTS? LASA does.

Now, who do you think PAYS for these tests? Tests for all juniors, I *believe*, are paid for by the district. But 9th and 10th are optional so who pays for them? LASA does.

And now to the math…
# Current 11th graders: 343
# Current 10th graders: 340
# Current 9th graders: 353

PSAT cost is $16 (I think!) per student
(So, if my math is right $11,088 for 9/10th graders) $11K!!!!!

LASA Class of 2019 Numbers:
54 National Merit Commended Award
26 National Hispanic Recognition Program
32 National Merit Semi Finalist Award

LASA Class of 2018 Numbers:
89 National Merit Commended Award
21 National Hispanic Recognition Program
1 National Merit Semi Finalist Award
38 National Merit Finalists

The point being here… LASA cares and does things for all of us. They get our kids. They challenge them and they help them. With very little financial support. Please give whatever you can to help.

P.S. If you don’t know anything about National Merit, check it out. SOME colleges offer FREE RIDES for all 4 years to national merit finalists.

P.P.S. sorry for the long post…. I’m a little passionate about the fact that someone cares enough to do this for my kid and yours. I think that’s unusual.

We are an All-In Community!

Good morning!

We are in our final week of fundraising. We need your help to reach out to your friends! Please let us know if you can help send an email to your friends (email fundraising at We have a template for you to modify and send! Easy job – 5 minutes tops and will make such an impact!


Financially, we have not hit our goal yet but more importantly we are trying very hard to get more families to participate.

LASA is an all-in community!
Every dollar matters!

You know how I like math/numbers:
*** We have around 1200 students.
*** We estimate that to be around 900 families.
*** 30% of that number has donated at least $5
*** That is only 270 families that have participated, out of 900!

Would you please send an email to your friends today?

Staff Favorites!

Happy Friday!
Happy 3 day weekend! (no school Monday)

I’ve had a few questions asking about the staff favorites (must be college rec season  lol) and I’m so happy people are using it and asking about it. So I have a “present” post for you today for asking about the list…


Here is a message from Scout’s mom:
On her bed in my office playing with a purple hippo that one of our seniors gave her! He gave her that and 2 bags of treats from her likes list!

Ms. Gritte & Ms. Skaer attend the Teaching from the Archives

Today is the DAY for you to donate!!! Check that sucker off your to do list! Then you can ignore me 🙂
As you may know if you’ve been reading along (Are you reading along??), PFLASA gave grants to teachers this summer to further their education.
Ms. Gritte and Ms. Skaer went to a training together (How fun!). Here’s a note from Ms. Gritte:
Mrs. Skaer and I attended the Teaching from the Archives: Social Justice in the Archives training this summer together. We gathered materials and conducted research over Julia Alvarez’s work in creating Return to Sender, a novel about the migrant worker’s plight in America. We prepared lessons using archival material from the Harry Ransom Center at UT, acquired archival-material based lesson plans from other teachers in the training, and had the opportunity to enhance our curriculum for In the Time of the Butterflies. We will be taking what we learned in this training into our writing conferences, research paper, and content in the Fall semester of English I Pre-AP. I don’t have pictures of us at the conference, but I have attached an image that we were able to access in the archives. It’s amazing to see the research process Alvarez went through in creating her novels. Thank you so much for your help!

What amount should I donate?

Please donate today:

*only two weeks left in our fundraising drive, please help us reach our goal of $70,000 but ALSO more families participating

Please, please, please comment here so I know someone is reading these posts 

I get asked a lot “What is the amount I should donate?” My answer is always, whatever you feel comfortable with. There is no set amount. We don’t even look at the average or anything or even WHO donates. We look at total amount and how many families. What we NEED is more participation. This is OUR school, not mine, or theirs, but OURS and WE all should participate, not only in this fundraiser but in our LASA community. <slides soapbox under cabinet>

I hope y’all know that EVERY DOLLAR counts and no amount is too small or too big. 

Thought you might find this interesting… EVERY DOLLAR, people 

*** $20 purchases one student a multi-test discount for one AP Test
*** $30 covers the PFLASA cost of one graduating student to attend Student Salute (we don’t charge students)
*** $50 purchases breakfast for 50 students on the day of their AP Test
*** $100 purchases class material reimbursement for one teacher
*** $140 purchases one new TI89 calculator to be lent to disadvantage students for the year
*** $300 purchase one Professional Development Experience for one teacher
*** $500 purchases dinner for all our teachers on the night of Showcase

Can you help us help them all succeed?

PFLASA Supports Students!

Are you enjoying this rainy Saturday? Today is a great day to donate!

Did you know that PFLASA gives each grade money to support some sort of community building? Usually these events are organized by the STUDENTS (yay!) and of course held for the students. For example, my son’s class in 9th grade had a giant pretzel social. They did some bonding activities and then ate giant pretzels. In 10th grade, they had Jim Jim’s ice come out during lunch. Other grades have had ice cream socials, etc. For incoming freshman, the lunch at orientation was partially paid for my PFLASA. It sounds like we always buy food but it’s not only that!

My point is PFLASA uses some of our funds to directly support the community building aspect of high school.

If you have a 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grader, please consider helping us by donating today!

A message from Ms. Skaer!

Please give today:
We are at about halfway to our goal of $70K!
Every single dollar helps!

As you are well aware PFLASA funded all sorts of great Professional Development/Continuing Education for the teachers. One of the requirements for receiving these grants was to tell us about it via message, photo, or video, hence why a lot of my posts are about PD!

Ms, Skaer, a LASA English Teacher, sent us this:

I benefited from attending the Kagan Secondary English Language Arts professional development in Orlando, Florida, thanks to the kindness and generosity of PFLASA! I have since implemented many of the structures in my English classes. Students have benefited from the collaborative learning experience, especially during classroom discussions. In the past, students exhibited shyness, uncertainty, and unwillingness to participate in class discussions because they were worried about being wrong, about what others
thought, or even about engaging with others to begin with. Since grouping my students, rearranging my classroom, and implementing many of the Kagan strategies, students have immensely benefited from this collaborative classroom environment. I had fun learning with other teachers across the country and exploring the amazing city of Orlando at the same time!

Do you work for any of these companies?

Do you work for any of these companies?

Apple Inc.
Charles Schwab & Co.
Dun & Bradstreet
Expedia Group
Experian Information Solutions, Inc.
F5 Networks
Google Inc.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Indeed Inc.
Intel Corp
Johnson & Johnson
Juniper Networks Foundation Fund
Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
National Instruments
Oracle Corp
Synopsys Inc. & The Synopsys Foundation
United Health Group
VMWare Foundation

Did you know the match donations to PFLASA? THAT’S JUST FREE MONEY!!!! Please, please, please look into it or contact for more info/help!

Not sure if you company matches? See if they do, here:

Admin goes to training, too!

As you are probably well aware by now, PFLASA funds a lot of professional development for our faculty and staff. As Ms. Crescenzi mentioned in this week’s principal’s message, many of our teachers/staff have to go national conferences to find training on the level that our students need. LASA is the only magnet high school in AISD and I think in Central Texas. Who else will our faculty and staff learn and collaborate with?

This holds true for our wonderful administration and counseling staff, too. This picture is from 2 years ago when our admin and counseling staff were fortunate to go to NCSSS for special training! Fun, eh?

Please donate today, if you have a moment. Thank you!