Today, let’s talk about Physiographs. SAY WHAT?

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Today, let’s talk about Physiographs. SAY WHAT?

Remember how I told y’all about the money we raised 2 years ago for the sci tech labs’ computers? Well, after all that we had some money left over because of your generous donations AND corporate matching. Those funds were earmarked for technology.

Enter Mr. Journeay, LASA Anatomy & Physiology and Pathophysiology (and probably some other science-y classes) teacher. In the past, he has saved money and resources to buy a PHYSIOGRAPH whenever he had the money to do so… Think every 3 years or so, he would get ONE machine because they are SUPER expensive. Then enter PFLASA. Thanks to the generous donations above our goal we had that one year, we were able to purchase THREE more machines last Spring for Mr. Journeay’s classes. Now, no student is waiting and everyone can learn and science together.

See the brief video of some students using the physiograph in class including some pics of the actual machine. Video credit: Mr. Journeay



Helping defray the cost of multiple AP exams

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Today’s post is about AP Exams! Ok, so maybe I’m still stuck in the talking about numbers thing.

AP exams are administered the first two full weeks of May, as defined by College Board. Anyway, each test is $94 (price based on 2018 prices).

Before I start… yes, taking AP Exams is completely optional.

The bare minimum number of AP exams a typical LASA student takes is 1 in 10th grade, 2 in 11th and 4 in 12th grade. So, in 10th grade, we parents would pay $94. In 11th grade, we would $188 and in 12th grade, we would pay $376.

PFLASA helps subsidize these exams each year. So, the first test is $94 (yes, full price). If you student takes TWO, you would pay $168, and FOUR, would be $316. Here is the chart – AGAIN.. last year’s prices:…/advan…/ap-exam-registration

And these numbers are crazy: # of AP exams administered at LASA in:
MAY 2017: 2421
MAY 2018: 2536

I can’t even comprehend TWO THOUSAND TESTS being handed out. Can you?

Help us subsidize these tests to help ALL of our students. Please donate today. Thank you 

Let’s talk numbers…

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The engineer in me is coming out in this post. I’ve been looking at numbers today. Trying to figure out how we can make our goal for this very important fundraiser. PFLASA does so much for LASA students and faculty. I hope you have enjoyed watching the videos and stories that I have shared in attempts to get you to donate . But today is about numbers…

Currently, we are at $24,000. Our goal is $70,000. Our student population is close to 1200 students, which we estimate to be about 900 families. About 130 families have donated.

Then, I started to think about what a fantastic education my son is getting. What some say is like a “Private school education.” I don’t really know what that means since we are a public school family. But I did research what private high schools in Austin cost this year because I was curious. WOW! I had no idea. LASA is a bargain!!!!!

In case you didn’t know, 2018-19 tuition (for one year only of high school):
Regents: $17,353
St. Michael’s: $21,00
Hyde Park: $17,600
St. Stephen’s: $28,390
St. Andrew’s: $29,187

Please consider donating to PFLASA. 100% of your donation stays at LASA and we put it to really good use.