Do you work for any of these companies?

Do you work for any of these companies?

Apple Inc.
Charles Schwab & Co.
Dun & Bradstreet
Expedia Group
Experian Information Solutions, Inc.
F5 Networks
Google Inc.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Indeed Inc.
Intel Corp
Johnson & Johnson
Juniper Networks Foundation Fund
Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
National Instruments
Oracle Corp
Synopsys Inc. & The Synopsys Foundation
United Health Group
VMWare Foundation

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Admin goes to training, too!

As you are probably well aware by now, PFLASA funds a lot of professional development for our faculty and staff. As Ms. Crescenzi mentioned in this week’s principal’s message, many of our teachers/staff have to go national conferences to find training on the level that our students need. LASA is the only magnet high school in AISD and I think in Central Texas. Who else will our faculty and staff learn and collaborate with?

This holds true for our wonderful administration and counseling staff, too. This picture is from 2 years ago when our admin and counseling staff were fortunate to go to NCSSS for special training! Fun, eh?

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Coffeehouse is awesome!

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In the spirit of ACL (you know there are 5 ACL wristbands up for bid right now here, right? ), I want to talk about Coffeehouse.

For all of you that are new to LASA or maybe never have gone to Coffeehouse, PUT THIS DATE ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW – Friday, May 17th, 2019).

What is Coffeehouse? It is a mini-ACL-like event sponsored by PFLASA.
Who is the talent, you ask? Our kids! They audition, then organize, they perform and OMG are they talented.
Who is the audience? EVERYONE – Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, Family, Friends….
Where? American Legion by Lady Bird Lake (mopac and lake austin blvd-ish)

PFLASA sells tickets at a VERY reduced rate basically to recoup some of the costs; We rent out the venue, lighting, sound, stage, etc. One of teachers takes care of the auditions, etc. It’s such an amazing JOINT effort – parents, students, faculty!

Don’t miss it. It is one of the BEST LASA traditions. Oh, did I mention it is on the last day of AP Testing so it’s really a party for all?

Don’t you want to donate to help us support our “advanced academic” kids by helping them have fun in a non-academic way?

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LASA Faculty/Staff love our kids

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Imagine this:
It’s Friday and your day starts at 5:30am. You get yourself ready for work, your kids’ up and ready and their lunches packed and get them out the door just barely making the bus. You drive at least 40 minutes in Austin traffic to get to work. Then hit construction on 183. It’s raining. It’s supposed to rain all day. Today’s work schedule is not normal. It’s a pep rally day and you have to figure out how to get your job done with a shorten schedule. It’s still raining and your thoughts are for what lies after your work ends today. It’s the weekend! And you signed up to stay after work for a late “meeting”. The meeting might get pushed back because of weather. WHAT? Oh. And by the way, you don’t get paid any extra for this. In fact, you get paid very little as it is. But you love your job so it’s ok. But mostly you love the kids you teach. And you are doing this late meeting for them. Especially and only for them. Who cares that you need to dance at this “meeting” in front of the whole school? You love the kids. You do it for them.

I love LASA. I love it for the faculty and staff and for WHAT THEY DO FOR MY KID. If you feel like I do, please give so we can help them do incredible things for our kids. Please.

Post the staff members you can recognize below 

Video credit: Shannon Bennett (THANK YOU SO MUCH!)

LBJ and LASA Staff/Faculty dance with the First Ladies at the LBJ Football game (that we won!) 9.14.2018

Ms. Moore and welding

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And in today’s installment of PFLASA spends money on…

WHO: Ms. Amy Moore, SciTech and Engineering Design Teacher

Here is her message:
This past summer, thanks to your grant, I was able to take a welding course from ACC. During the course, I learned how to arc weld, MIG weld, TIG weld, and oxy-fuel weld. Now with these skills, I will be able to incorporate welding into my Engineering Design course. For my final project, I made a yard art pinwheel. Thank you for your support.

Mr. Castro thanks PFLASA

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In today’s edition of “Where do PFLASA donations get used”, I bring to you another teacher’s message from his continuing education grant. Mr. Scotty Castro, a new LASA English teacher but not new LASA Faculty & Staff had this to say:

“During my foray from the professional world back into education, I’ve been fortunate to serve LASA both as a substitute teacher and, most recently, as library clerk. My year and a half in the library met me with opportunities to become better in tune with the needs of students and the community. I continuously sought ways to create an inviting, imaginative setting, including offering several special lectures throughout the year. When an English teacher position became available, I was happy to pursue the opportunity, and was ultimately offered the job. With the support of PFLASA, I was able to supplement the cost of my teacher certification program in order to be where I am today. PFLASA is one of the best networks of support I’ve seen in any setting. The LASA community operates through open collaboration, and there is a sense here that PFLASA always has your back. Likewise, their input and impact are immeasurably valued. I look forward to many years teaching LASA students, and I’m glad parents and friends can be along for the ride.”

Thanks, Mr. Castro. We are excited to have you teach our kids and we do indeed have your back!

Mr. Ramirez goes to Spain

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No selling stuff, just 100% of your donation goes directly to our awesome school. PFLASA is currently at about 12% of it’s goal of $70,000.

Also, be sure to check if your workplace matches! I hear Apple is matching at 2:1! Email if you have questions!

Remember my post a couple of days about about “continuing education” for teachers… Well, check out Mr. Ramirez’s (one of LASA’s Spanish teachers) awesome video…

PFLASA purchased Sci Tech Computers!

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Every student at LASA takes Sci-Tech, a freshman level signature course. While this video is two years old, the computers purchased from that donation year are brand new!

If you didn’t know, Sci Tech had computers so old that the updated CAD design software they use wouldn’t run on them. So, THANKS to generous donations like yours, PFLASA was able to replace all the sci-tech computers last year. Check out this COOL video from alum parent, Deb Lewis Legge, about our sci tech program. And please donate today!

Mr. Walker – Classes on Bird Biology, etc.

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DID YOU KNOW? Keep reading… it’s worth it to see how dedicated our LASA teachers are.

Every year, PFLASA raises money to support LASA students and faculty. All funds raised above our goal amount are used for something specific. Last year’s above goal funds were used for Continuing Education for the faculty. Continuing education, differs from Professional Development, in that it was actual coursework in the teacher’s field of study that furthered their education.

All LASA students take Planet Earth, a sophomore Signature Course. David Walker is one of the Planet Earth teachers at LASA.

Here is what he had to say about his continuing education support:

Thank you so much for sponsoring my summer continuing education in bird biology and identification. I was able to take 4 online courses through the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. In the Planet Earth course at LASA, students frequently choose to pursue bird field studies. The main introductory field exercise for these students is a trip to Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory.

For the first 7 years of my career at LASA, Tim Fennell was the main leader on these trips. Tim is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled birders in Texas, and these trips were an amazing educational experience for the students as a result. Tim would 1) be able to readily identify every bird seen or heard during the day, 2) illustrate to students very effective techniques for correct bird identification, and 3) discuss not only field marks, but also habitat, nesting behavior, feeding behavior, mating behavior, and different varieties of vocalizations. Students came out of the workshop with all the tools they needed to effectively carry out an identification-based field survey over the rest of the semester.

Upon Tim’s retirement, I assumed the lead on these field trips. This has been a worthy challenge for me, as I am nowhere near as adept with birds. These courses were instrumental in helping me develop my skills in bird identification and knowledge of bird biodiversity and behavior. This will surely benefit the students who pursue bird projects in Planet Earth in allowing me to create a more interesting and comprehensive field trip.

I’ve included some photos of past birding field trips at Hornsby Bend to give you an idea of what these trips are like.