What is great about LASA!


This is it. The time is now to invest in your student’s high school experience. Our fundraising campaign will hopefully end on Friday, October 11th but we need your help to get there.

If you haven’t donated yet, please watch this quick video from our Principal on What is great about LASA. I urge you to stop and think a moment about why your student applied, how he/she felt when that confetti card came in the mail and it was opened. Think about your student’s friends, think about the discussions that your student may have with you about something he/she learned at school. Think about how your child was not challenged before and how “bored” he/she was. Think about YOUR STUDENT. AND then please help us make our school a great place for your student and many, many others.

AND if that wasn’t enough, a VERY generous anonymous donor has agreed to do one FINAL matching challenge…. NOW through Friday 10/11, dollar for dollar UP TO $5000. WHAT? You heard me… FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. So every single dollar matters, people. Do it for LASA, do it for YOUR student, but really do it for me so I can stop asking. 😛

Seriously, thank you to all that have donated. We couldn’t have done it without.

NOW watch the video…

LASA’s own mini-ACL


In honor of ACL, let’s talk about LASA’s own version of ACL, called Coffeehouse! SAVE THE DATE: May 15th, 2020, 7pm Coffeehouse is LASA’s version of a mini-ACL. It is on the Friday night of the last day of AP Testing. Faculty, students and parents are invited to attend. The school (especially Mr. Snyder) takes care of all the auditions and line-up. Students sign up and audition. There are 2 stages for performances. Everyone that goes must purchase a wristband. Some say it’s a talent show… I don’t really think it is. I think it is much more than that. The acts are INCREDIBLE. They are OUR KIDS and they do amazing things that aren’t just academic. My most favorite part of this whole event is HOW SUPPORTIVE all of the LASA students are to their fellow classmates as they perform. A-MA-ZING PEOPLE!

So why am I telling you this? Duh. Because PFLASA pays for this WHOLE EVENT. Almost everyone goes. We have to rent out a venue (American Legion on Atlanta St next to Mopac and Lake Austin Blvd), we have to rent stages and lights and sound equipment. It is a MAJOR production. And it is the CELEBRATION for these kids for surviving, thriving, living, and loving. We do sell wristbands closer to the event but that is because we have to have security and know who is coming in. A couple of years ago, a couple was walking on the trail at Lady Bird Lake and came to the ticket table I was working and asked what band was playing and could they buy a ticket. IT WAS THAT GOOD… but alas, no… it’s a private event. We are talking about 2000 of us together for one night.

Have you been?

Anyway, please help us put on this event. Donate today! It really is a collaboration of all entities at LASA: STUDENTS, FACULTY and PARENTS.

p.s. thank you to our chairperson Kristy Kelly Neff for putting on this event!

Thanks from Mr. Bailey!


Mr. Bailey, LASA math teacher, sent a message for me to share. Please consider donating TODAY so that we can continue to help teachers like Mr. Bailey with Professional Development and things they need for their classrooms.


And do me a favor? Send a quick email, text, pm, smoke signal to all of your LASA friends and ask them to donate, please. That would make my day! Well that AND the horns won. 😉 I’m certain y’all are tired of hearing me ask just as much as I am tired of asking.

For the kids…

ETA: WARNING – first student on video is very soft, sound corrects after her (so don’t jack up your volume!!!) – ask me how I know 😳🤓
Good morning!
Happy Saturday, ACL, LONGHORN FOOTBALL (ok, whatever other team is playing – happy college football day to you, too) and more appropriately, Happy Homecoming Dance! (yes, I’m acutely aware of the multitudes of things going on and how untimely this is – LOL!)

So, why are we all here? I don’t mean today, in this facebook group. And I certainly don’t mean it in a philosophical way of “What is the meaning of life?” either! I mean what brings us all here together… OUR KIDS, right?

Practically every.single.thing.I.do.at.LASA is for THE KIDS. And not my kid. He actually doesn’t benefit from most of the things I do.at.all. Odd, right? LOL. But I keep doing them anyway because of YOUR KIDS. You know why? Because these kids are amazing.
We all know how busy these kids are but what is super awesome is the student council took time out to make a quick, little video saying thanks to us. Who says kids aren’t appreciative?

Come on guys, please donate today! It’s super easy: go to www.pflasa.org/give – select one time or monthly. Let’s do this and GO HORNS! 🤘🤘🤘

Art 1 – wow!


Happy Friday, y’all! I would have posted much earlier today but I’ve been stuck in ACL traffic since yesterday! Ok, just kidding… Sorta.

Starting today, we will be posting heavily to try to get this donation drive wrapped up. We promise (well the rest of the team does – lol) to limit our posting after we reach our goal. Please consider donating. We estimate 500 families have not donated. NOW is the time.

I will leave you with this….
My mother was an amateur artist. She would get up super early and oil paint these beautiful landscapes. I have never considered myself an artist. I’m a crafter. In fact, I’m the craftyengineer.  but artist… no. So, Friday’s are my LASA days. I do all the stuff I need to do at LASA with all the faculty and PFLASA on Fridays because I live far away and with my real work schedule, that’s just what I do. Anyway, today I stopped in the hallway and helped a young lady put up some posters. And then I walked around the corner and saw this… This is from beginning art students…. No experience needed. And this is week 7 or 8 of school, right? How in the world??? I wish I could do this…. If your student has learned anything in the past 8 weeks at this fabulous place, please consider donating and helping us keep it fabulous. Seriously, who wishes they had opportunities like this in school? 🙋‍♀️

As always, thanks for listening and hope that you got some tacos.

How much should I donate?


If you don’t know how much you should donate to PFLASA, let this be your guide:
___ $25 A buck for how many times my kid has already whined about blocked access to outside web pages
___ $50 The approximate weight, in dollars, of my kid’s backpack according to him/her
___ $75 What my kid would pay to have homework hiatus every other weekend
___ $100 A dollar for each frickin’ hour a week those AMAZING LASA teachers probably spend thinking, planning, teaching, and being all-around ROCK STARS for our darling kids
___ $150 How much I love not having to lift a finger with this fundraiser, except to touch “Paypal Donate!” on my phone. If only dealing with my high schooler were this easy.
___ $200 The number of people I gleefully notified when I found out my kid had gotten into the famed LASA Magnet Program!!!

Mr. Ganesan loves PFLASA!


Happy Friday!

Every year, when I volunteer at the PFLASA new parent coffees in March, I am always asked by a few newly accepted families about college statistics and LASA students. Prepping for college and some sort of college talk is part of the LASA culture.  As a parent entering senior year, the whole college process can be daunting and overwhelming. But I am thankful and super appreciative of our LASA College Counselors. They, IMHO, are the absolute best. They continue to educate themselves on all the new rules and regulations and processes so that they can help our children get through this.

Congratulations to Mr. Ganesan, LASA College Counselor M-Z. Watch the video, you’ll see why.

Now, if you think that what our counselors do for OUR children is important (read that as “so we don’t have to! LOL!), please consider donating to PFLASA today.

Need a payment plan option for your donation? We have you covered: https://pflasa.org/recurringdonation/

Does your company match donations? Not sure? Check here: www.matchinggifts.com  This is FREE money. Please look into it!

A whole lotta AP Exams!

Please donate today: www.pflasa.org/give
Current: $50,070 of $70,000 goal
# Families: 286 of ~800

Today’s post is about AP Exams!

AP exams are administered the first two full weeks of May, as defined by College Board. Registration must happen now for year-long and this semester classes in your student’s college board account BY FRIDAY 9/27! Payment will be in October. Stay tuned for that.

Anyway, each exam is $94 (prices can be found here)

Before I start… yes, taking AP Exams is completely optional.

The bare minimum number of AP exams a typical LASA student takes is 1 in 10th grade, 3 in 11th and 3 in 12th grade (see chart here).

So, in 10th grade, we parents would pay $94. In 11th grade, we would $282 and in 12th grade, we would pay $282.

PFLASA helps subsidize these exams each year. So, the first test is $94 (yes, full price). If you student takes TWO, you would pay $168, and FOUR, would be $316 (see payment options link above).

And these numbers are crazy: # of AP exams administered at LASA in:

  • MAY 2017: 2421
  • MAY 2018: 2536
  • MAY 2019: 3088 (902 students!)

I can’t even comprehend THREE THOUSAND TESTS being handed out. Can you?

Mrs. Czaplinski, LASA Assistant Principal, is the AP Coordinator for LASA. I don’t envy her. But here is a message from her about AP Exams and PFLASA:

Help us subsidize these tests to help ALL of our students. Please donate today at www.pflasa.org/give. Thank you.