4 Days left of this year’s fundraiser!

NO ONE will be happier than Geeta. 😁 Please put her out of my misery and donate today. She’s still asking for about 300 families to participate, if possible.

If you remember back to your New Parent Orientation, someone got up in front of you and told you about the 3 Cs of PFLASA: Community, Communication and Cash.

While I can talk about all of these, let’s focus on COMMUNICATION – because *this* I can talk about forever.

SO MANY WAYS TO COMMUNICATE here at LASA. Pick your favorite. It is overwhelming? Sometimes. But everyone likes to communicate in different ways so I’ve tried very hard to give everyone someway of connecting.

PFLASA (which YOU are a member of) is *this* group. It’s also the google groups per grade level. It’s the zip code groups. It’s the Lots of LASA (LOL) e-newsletter. It’s the PFLASA website. It’s the PFLASA blog. It’s you asking a question and someone answering. It’s all of us, together supporting OUR school. So, I ask you, if you feel like you got ONE piece of information from any of these communication venues, just ONE, consider supporting us financially. $10 helps us.
Did you know that PFLASA pays for the subscription for mailchimp for the LOL?
Did you know that PFLASA pays for the zoom account for the webmaster at LASA? That account is used for all LASA big events like choice sheet day, freshman orientation, student assemblies, new parent orientation, How to Succeed at LASA, etc. etc.
Did you know that PFLASA pays for padlet for the student bulletin board?