We still have 10 days left of our fundraising drive and we would love for EVERY family to participate, if possible. We believe 337 families have participated of our estimated 700-800 families. We have had about 16 people donate to sponsor about 23 of of the estimated 100-175 students that can’t afford to. I know many of you have donated more than once! You are amazing. Thank you so much!
A couple of weeks ago, I posted a video from Ms. Kocian, one of LASA’s college counselors. She and Mr. Ganesan WILL be “attending” the NACAC professional development this week thanks to donors like you.
Mr. Ganesan said “This is the first year that I’ll be able to attend NACAC, the national organization of college admissions professionals. It’s online, because of the pandemic, and I’ll be attending, because of the pandemic. The college landscape has changed, and we all need to be better prepared for those changes.”
If you didn’t know, Mr. Ganesan is also teaching a Master Class for us on October 2nd. Helping in every way he can. How cool is that?
Of course, I also asked him why he loves LASA and here is his response: