This year, we are trying something new. This is about helping other students, if you can. Not every student/family can afford to donate to PFLASA. We all know that. So today, I’m asking you to sponsor a student. Basically, we are breaking this down… we have around 175 students that need our help. I’m asking for 100 to be sponsored. At $75 a student. Can you spare an extra $75? I know it’s a lot, especially during this time.

Here’s some more info on the math: Maybe you are new to LASA and didn’t know this or maybe you need a refresher but below is the email that Ms. Crescenzi sent LAST YEAR on October 10, 2019. The numbers are similar to this year. Read it to the end. And then see if you can give an extra $75 per student.

We have a special page on our website to show how we are doing on this goal of sponsoring just 100 students. Can you help us? As always, please and thank you.

Most of the things that PFLASA financially supports would not happen without this money. From helping pay for staff to go to conferences that focus on students at specialized secondary schools, to paying for textbooks, assisting with AP costs and purchasing specific equipment for classes, all of that is only possible because of PFLASA’s support. As a district we sent back to the state around 670 million dollars in the 2018-2019 school year. In a district with approximately 80,000 students that means that we sent back about $8,375 per student. Now, I’ll be honest, if the district had all of that money back it wouldn’t all come to us at the campus level, but I guarantee some of it would. Can you imagine what more we could do if we had even 50% of that? Another $4000 per student – that would be amazing!

I realize that there aren’t many of us that can just write a check for that much money (though if you want to, I certainly won’t stop you) so let me take a minute and walk you through the financial situation of the campus. If I take out the money spent on staffing (salaries, benefits, extra duty pay,etc.) LASA received $108,330 in our BTO (your tax dollars) and $32,949 in what is called HS Allotment funds. Again, this is just the non-staffing money. We currently have 1285 students. This means that for the current school year I have $109.95 per student to run the school. Every basic supply, every professional development experience for staff, every everything that a campus needs to spend money on comes out of that amount. Think of it, $109.95 per student for the entire year. Mind boggling that we can run a school on that, but with the help of PFLASA we do it.

Therefore, any amount you can donate that allows PFLASA to assist us so that we can continue to give our students this rich academic experience is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Stacia Crescenzi