Is your student planning to go to college? If yes, please read on. I need your help today. I’m talking to you SENIOR and JUNIOR parents! Heck, even us underclassmen parents should listen.

Having just gone through senior year with my oldest child (my 2020 grad), I have to say it was something else. And I’m talking about pre-covid. The momentum and excitement and stress level about all things college started for us really junior year. Then it ramped up during the summer/early Fall to some crazy amount of to do lists and forms to fill out and this and that. I *honestly* thought it would never, ever end. The *one* thing that kept me sane was the support of our LASA college counselors. They knew the answer to everything. EVERYTHING. And were ready to answer at anytime.

Now, we’re in this weird Covid time and my heart goes out to you seniors and juniors as you navigate this “new normal”. There are new rules and guidelines and what ifs and how to and things people haven’t even figured out yet. But guess what? You have Ms. Kocian and Mr. Ganesan in your corner.

Our fabulous college counselors NEED your donation TODAY to go to (virtually) the NACAC conference in a couple of weeks. What is that you ask? NACAC is the National Association for College Admissions Counseling. From their website, this conference will feature college presidents discussing how campuses are grappling with the coronavirus pandemic; and authors, journalists, and experts will explore the national conversation about race and equity and how the current climate is impacting college admission.
Mr. Ganesan said “This is the first year that I’ll be able to attend NACAC, the national organization of college admissions professionals. It’s online, because of the pandemic, and I’ll be attending, because of the pandemic. The college landscape has changed, and we all need to be better prepared for those changes.”

Check out Ms. Kocian’s video here:

Please we need your support today to get our College Counselors trained on all of these new rules and guidelines so they can help ALL OF OUR KIDS. Remember every dollar counts.

Thank you!