If you’re a new 9th grade family, welcome and don’t worry. LASA has this. (can’t bring myself to say LASA’s got this no matter how hard I try. LOL) I, too, wondered how LASA was going to do Sci Tech virtually. But what I know is “LASA has this”.

Did you know that PFLASA funded the sci tech kits that half of 9th grade will use this semester for virtual learning? HOW COOL IS THAT?

For those of you that are seasoned LASA families, you remember sci tech, right? $5 supply limit and have to do some engineering feat with just those supplies. I always thought it was super cool.

Here are some photos from when our Sci Tech teachers put together these kids (DURING THEIR UNPAID SUMMER, I might add) for our kids. I know “LASA has this” just based on these photos. And as Mr. Seagren said “Will be a great semester.”

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pics: Sci Tech bags for virtual teaching