Here’s a little something from Geeta, LASA parent extraordinaire:

I have a little story. You know me. This is wordy. Grab a coffee. Do your kids write thank you cards? When my boys were little, I tried everything to get them to do that. I made cute notes with their names on them, I made the mad-lib style where they just had to fill in a few words. I tried everything. They did them. But IT WAS PAINFUL. For me. Probably for them too. Fast forward to earlier this summer to the time when my oldest graduated from LASA and starting receiving graduation gifts. Oh good, more mom guilt about how my “ungrateful child” won’t write a thank you note. Said child turned 18 a few days after graduation, too. Hard to tell an adult what to do, isn’t it? Well, anyway, I noticed a post-it note on the kitchen table one day. I asked him about it. He said “Oh, it’s a list of gifts I have received. I’m keeping track so I can write thank yous”. He did write thank yous all on his own. Did he write them all? No (he wrote most!), but he adulted folks. That’s a win. Now, why am I telling you this weird story? Stacia was telling me that one of the new teachers had asked her last week after day 1 of the extension courses if students got extra credit (they did NOT, fyi!😂) or some sort of incentive from coming to those. She said of course not. He asked her why would they come to these then? Her response should have been “Welcome to LASA!” As we all know the extension courses happened. From what I can tell, they were fantastic from both sides. I asked students to write a little thank you so that teachers could feel the LASA Love. Not going to lie, I didn’t think they would based on my parenting experience with thank yous above. But I thought I’d ask since that kid of mine that DID learn something and felt that sharing his gratitude was important. Other LASA kids felt the same way. Our kids are special. They love to learn. They crave it. More now than ever. They love their teachers – even ones they haven’t met. LASA teachers are also so special. Let’s fact it, takes a special kind of person to teach our kids. So the kids left HEARTFELT notes (really, please read them) to their beloved teachers. I shared with the staff yesterday. I actually got a few notes and messages about how nice that was for them to see. Full circle, right? Our kids picked LASA for a reason. THIS COMMUNITY is the reason. Help support our community, please. Want a warm fuzzy? See thank yous here: