This is it. The time is now to invest in your student’s high school experience. Our fundraising campaign will hopefully end on Friday, October 11th but we need your help to get there.

If you haven’t donated yet, please watch this quick video from our Principal on What is great about LASA. I urge you to stop and think a moment about why your student applied, how he/she felt when that confetti card came in the mail and it was opened. Think about your student’s friends, think about the discussions that your student may have with you about something he/she learned at school. Think about how your child was not challenged before and how “bored” he/she was. Think about YOUR STUDENT. AND then please help us make our school a great place for your student and many, many others.

AND if that wasn’t enough, a VERY generous anonymous donor has agreed to do one FINAL matching challenge…. NOW through Friday 10/11, dollar for dollar UP TO $5000. WHAT? You heard me… FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. So every single dollar matters, people. Do it for LASA, do it for YOUR student, but really do it for me so I can stop asking. 😛

Seriously, thank you to all that have donated. We couldn’t have done it without.

NOW watch the video…