ETA: WARNING – first student on video is very soft, sound corrects after her (so don’t jack up your volume!!!) – ask me how I know 😳🤓
Good morning!
Happy Saturday, ACL, LONGHORN FOOTBALL (ok, whatever other team is playing – happy college football day to you, too) and more appropriately, Happy Homecoming Dance! (yes, I’m acutely aware of the multitudes of things going on and how untimely this is – LOL!)

So, why are we all here? I don’t mean today, in this facebook group. And I certainly don’t mean it in a philosophical way of “What is the meaning of life?” either! I mean what brings us all here together… OUR KIDS, right?

Practically is for THE KIDS. And not my kid. He actually doesn’t benefit from most of the things I Odd, right? LOL. But I keep doing them anyway because of YOUR KIDS. You know why? Because these kids are amazing.
We all know how busy these kids are but what is super awesome is the student council took time out to make a quick, little video saying thanks to us. Who says kids aren’t appreciative?

Come on guys, please donate today! It’s super easy: go to – select one time or monthly. Let’s do this and GO HORNS! 🤘🤘🤘