Happy Friday, y’all! I would have posted much earlier today but I’ve been stuck in ACL traffic since yesterday! Ok, just kidding… Sorta.

Starting today, we will be posting heavily to try to get this donation drive wrapped up. We promise (well the rest of the team does – lol) to limit our posting after we reach our goal. Please consider donating. We estimate 500 families have not donated. NOW is the time.

I will leave you with this….
My mother was an amateur artist. She would get up super early and oil paint these beautiful landscapes. I have never considered myself an artist. I’m a crafter. In fact, I’m the craftyengineer.  but artist… no. So, Friday’s are my LASA days. I do all the stuff I need to do at LASA with all the faculty and PFLASA on Fridays because I live far away and with my real work schedule, that’s just what I do. Anyway, today I stopped in the hallway and helped a young lady put up some posters. And then I walked around the corner and saw this… This is from beginning art students…. No experience needed. And this is week 7 or 8 of school, right? How in the world??? I wish I could do this…. If your student has learned anything in the past 8 weeks at this fabulous place, please consider donating and helping us keep it fabulous. Seriously, who wishes they had opportunities like this in school? 🙋‍♀️

As always, thanks for listening and hope that you got some tacos.