If you don’t know how much you should donate to PFLASA, let this be your guide:
___ $25 A buck for how many times my kid has already whined about blocked access to outside web pages
___ $50 The approximate weight, in dollars, of my kid’s backpack according to him/her
___ $75 What my kid would pay to have homework hiatus every other weekend
___ $100 A dollar for each frickin’ hour a week those AMAZING LASA teachers probably spend thinking, planning, teaching, and being all-around ROCK STARS for our darling kids
___ $150 How much I love not having to lift a finger with this fundraiser, except to touch “Paypal Donate!” on my phone. If only dealing with my high schooler were this easy.
___ $200 The number of people I gleefully notified when I found out my kid had gotten into the famed LASA Magnet Program!!!