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Today’s post is about AP Exams!

AP exams are administered the first two full weeks of May, as defined by College Board. Registration must happen now for year-long and this semester classes in your student’s college board account BY FRIDAY 9/27! Payment will be in October. Stay tuned for that.

Anyway, each exam is $94 (prices can be found here)

Before I start… yes, taking AP Exams is completely optional.

The bare minimum number of AP exams a typical LASA student takes is 1 in 10th grade, 3 in 11th and 3 in 12th grade (see chart here).

So, in 10th grade, we parents would pay $94. In 11th grade, we would $282 and in 12th grade, we would pay $282.

PFLASA helps subsidize these exams each year. So, the first test is $94 (yes, full price). If you student takes TWO, you would pay $168, and FOUR, would be $316 (see payment options link above).

And these numbers are crazy: # of AP exams administered at LASA in:

  • MAY 2017: 2421
  • MAY 2018: 2536
  • MAY 2019: 3088 (902 students!)

I can’t even comprehend THREE THOUSAND TESTS being handed out. Can you?

Mrs. Czaplinski, LASA Assistant Principal, is the AP Coordinator for LASA. I don’t envy her. But here is a message from her about AP Exams and PFLASA:

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