HOLY CARP (sorry if this offends anyone!)!!!

For every DOLLAR DONATED today, anonymous donors will match $1-to-$1 up to $3500. Three thousand five-hundred DOLLARS, people!!!!

Do you love LASA? More importantly does your kid? Do any of the stories I’m telling you inspire you? Make you smile? Are you thankful for a place that “gets” your child? Or maybe you are just glad that they are finally challenged?
Today is the day people! Please donate.
Lots of ways to contribute: Cash, Check, Online – one time donation; Online – recurring donation!!! Recurring is a great way to contribute if you are on a budget (aren’t we all??) and want to give a little each month!
p.s. SENIOR FAMILIES – my personal challenge to you… GO CLASS OF 2020! We have a lot going on this year, I totally get it. But don’t forget that PFLASA subsidizes AP tests, provides AP breakfasts and specifically for Seniors – funds Senior Salute. Donate today to help our seniors. We aren’t out the door just yet.
PLEASE and thank you ever so much!