Please donate today:

*only two weeks left in our fundraising drive, please help us reach our goal of $70,000 but ALSO more families participating

Please, please, please comment here so I know someone is reading these posts 

I get asked a lot “What is the amount I should donate?” My answer is always, whatever you feel comfortable with. There is no set amount. We don’t even look at the average or anything or even WHO donates. We look at total amount and how many families. What we NEED is more participation. This is OUR school, not mine, or theirs, but OURS and WE all should participate, not only in this fundraiser but in our LASA community. <slides soapbox under cabinet>

I hope y’all know that EVERY DOLLAR counts and no amount is too small or too big. 

Thought you might find this interesting… EVERY DOLLAR, people 

*** $20 purchases one student a multi-test discount for one AP Test
*** $30 covers the PFLASA cost of one graduating student to attend Student Salute (we don’t charge students)
*** $50 purchases breakfast for 50 students on the day of their AP Test
*** $100 purchases class material reimbursement for one teacher
*** $140 purchases one new TI89 calculator to be lent to disadvantage students for the year
*** $300 purchase one Professional Development Experience for one teacher
*** $500 purchases dinner for all our teachers on the night of Showcase

Can you help us help them all succeed?