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As you are well aware PFLASA funded all sorts of great Professional Development/Continuing Education for the teachers. One of the requirements for receiving these grants was to tell us about it via message, photo, or video, hence why a lot of my posts are about PD!

Ms, Skaer, a LASA English Teacher, sent us this:

I benefited from attending the Kagan Secondary English Language Arts professional development in Orlando, Florida, thanks to the kindness and generosity of PFLASA! I have since implemented many of the structures in my English classes. Students have benefited from the collaborative learning experience, especially during classroom discussions. In the past, students exhibited shyness, uncertainty, and unwillingness to participate in class discussions because they were worried about being wrong, about what others
thought, or even about engaging with others to begin with. Since grouping my students, rearranging my classroom, and implementing many of the Kagan strategies, students have immensely benefited from this collaborative classroom environment. I had fun learning with other teachers across the country and exploring the amazing city of Orlando at the same time!