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In the spirit of ACL (you know there are 5 ACL wristbands up for bid right now here, right? ), I want to talk about Coffeehouse.

For all of you that are new to LASA or maybe never have gone to Coffeehouse, PUT THIS DATE ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW – Friday, May 17th, 2019).

What is Coffeehouse? It is a mini-ACL-like event sponsored by PFLASA.
Who is the talent, you ask? Our kids! They audition, then organize, they perform and OMG are they talented.
Who is the audience? EVERYONE – Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, Family, Friends….
Where? American Legion by Lady Bird Lake (mopac and lake austin blvd-ish)

PFLASA sells tickets at a VERY reduced rate basically to recoup some of the costs; We rent out the venue, lighting, sound, stage, etc. One of teachers takes care of the auditions, etc. It’s such an amazing JOINT effort – parents, students, faculty!

Don’t miss it. It is one of the BEST LASA traditions. Oh, did I mention it is on the last day of AP Testing so it’s really a party for all?

Don’t you want to donate to help us support our “advanced academic” kids by helping them have fun in a non-academic way?

Donate today, we would love it.