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Today, let’s talk about Physiographs. SAY WHAT?

Remember how I told y’all about the money we raised 2 years ago for the sci tech labs’ computers? Well, after all that we had some money left over because of your generous donations AND corporate matching. Those funds were earmarked for technology.

Enter Mr. Journeay, LASA Anatomy & Physiology and Pathophysiology (and probably some other science-y classes) teacher. In the past, he has saved money and resources to buy a PHYSIOGRAPH whenever he had the money to do so… Think every 3 years or so, he would get ONE machine because they are SUPER expensive. Then enter PFLASA. Thanks to the generous donations above our goal we had that one year, we were able to purchase THREE more machines last Spring for Mr. Journeay’s classes. Now, no student is waiting and everyone can learn and science together.

See the brief video of some students using the physiograph in class including some pics of the actual machine. Video credit: Mr. Journeay