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Today’s post is about AP Exams! Ok, so maybe I’m still stuck in the talking about numbers thing.

AP exams are administered the first two full weeks of May, as defined by College Board. Anyway, each test is $94 (price based on 2018 prices).

Before I start… yes, taking AP Exams is completely optional.

The bare minimum number of AP exams a typical LASA student takes is 1 in 10th grade, 2 in 11th and 4 in 12th grade. So, in 10th grade, we parents would pay $94. In 11th grade, we would $188 and in 12th grade, we would pay $376.

PFLASA helps subsidize these exams each year. So, the first test is $94 (yes, full price). If you student takes TWO, you would pay $168, and FOUR, would be $316. Here is the chart – AGAIN.. last year’s prices:…/advan…/ap-exam-registration

And these numbers are crazy: # of AP exams administered at LASA in:
MAY 2017: 2421
MAY 2018: 2536

I can’t even comprehend TWO THOUSAND TESTS being handed out. Can you?

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