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Imagine this:
It’s Friday and your day starts at 5:30am. You get yourself ready for work, your kids’ up and ready and their lunches packed and get them out the door just barely making the bus. You drive at least 40 minutes in Austin traffic to get to work. Then hit construction on 183. It’s raining. It’s supposed to rain all day. Today’s work schedule is not normal. It’s a pep rally day and you have to figure out how to get your job done with a shorten schedule. It’s still raining and your thoughts are for what lies after your work ends today. It’s the weekend! And you signed up to stay after work for a late “meeting”. The meeting might get pushed back because of weather. WHAT? Oh. And by the way, you don’t get paid any extra for this. In fact, you get paid very little as it is. But you love your job so it’s ok. But mostly you love the kids you teach. And you are doing this late meeting for them. Especially and only for them. Who cares that you need to dance at this “meeting” in front of the whole school? You love the kids. You do it for them.

I love LASA. I love it for the faculty and staff and for WHAT THEY DO FOR MY KID. If you feel like I do, please give so we can help them do incredible things for our kids. Please.

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Video credit: Shannon Bennett (THANK YOU SO MUCH!)

LBJ and LASA Staff/Faculty dance with the First Ladies at the LBJ Football game (that we won!) 9.14.2018