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In today’s edition of “Where do PFLASA donations get used”, I bring to you another teacher’s message from his continuing education grant. Mr. Scotty Castro, a new LASA English teacher but not new LASA Faculty & Staff had this to say:

“During my foray from the professional world back into education, I’ve been fortunate to serve LASA both as a substitute teacher and, most recently, as library clerk. My year and a half in the library met me with opportunities to become better in tune with the needs of students and the community. I continuously sought ways to create an inviting, imaginative setting, including offering several special lectures throughout the year. When an English teacher position became available, I was happy to pursue the opportunity, and was ultimately offered the job. With the support of PFLASA, I was able to supplement the cost of my teacher certification program in order to be where I am today. PFLASA is one of the best networks of support I’ve seen in any setting. The LASA community operates through open collaboration, and there is a sense here that PFLASA always has your back. Likewise, their input and impact are immeasurably valued. I look forward to many years teaching LASA students, and I’m glad parents and friends can be along for the ride.”

Thanks, Mr. Castro. We are excited to have you teach our kids and we do indeed have your back!