Transportation to and from LASA is provided by AISD Transportation. Generally speaking, buses leave Austin area neighborhoods early in the morning. Students are bused to Kealing Middle School, where they transfer to a direct bus to LASA High School. Because this makes for a very early morning, many families choose to carpool. In the afternoons, buses leave the LASA campus around 3:55 p.m., and go directly to neighborhood bus stops. Bus stops for the AISD magnet buses are mandated to be within 1.25 miles of magnet school students’ homes. Meaning, the most a student would walk to/from the bus stop is 1.25 miles, and in most cases it is less.

There are also late buses serving specific areas of Austin each school day to take students home from after-school activities. Late buses leave campus at 6:45 p.m. from the parking lot on Lazy Creek Blvd. behind the Theater/near the Gym, and depending on the students aboard, create a route accordingly. Late buses deliver students directly to their homes or mid-block if multiple students are on a given street. It is important that students know what part of town they live in, nearest major intersections, and how to direct drivers to their homes when riding the Late Bus.

See the LASA website for more information about buses.